The 19th Simulated International Conference Communication Poster Contest for Postgraduate Students in Jiangsu University

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The 19th Simulated International Conference Communication Poster Contest for Postgraduate Students in Jiangsu University

Sponsor & OrganizerGraduate School, JSU & School of Foreign Languages, JSU

Seminars, conferences and workshop participation and attendance are essential requirements for postgraduate students to promote their scholarly development. Thus, Jiangsu University consistently encourages qualified postgraduate students to participate in academic communication contests. According to our fine tradition, Jiangsu University will host the Annual Simulated International Conference Communication poster Contest for postgraduate students in pursuit of academic excellence.

Objectives :

1. Promote the development of postgraduate education of Jiangsu University

2. Enhance the academic competence of postgraduate students

3. Develop global talents through simulated international competition

4. Provide opportunity for postgraduate students to showcase poster presentation skills in English and their scholarly work as well.

Academic Poster Design Contest:

1.Academic poster in English with the pattern specification: 60 * 90cm PPT See the template shared in attachment or You can use your own template)

2The poster should present corresponding research findings to particular academic questions with academic viewpoints and analysis

3Make your poster engaging: use statement, photograph, or diagram as focal points to attract attention.


Evaluation will be based on the following key metrics:

Academic Value

Clarity In Presentation


Innovation in Design

Voting : All postgraduate students are enjoined to vote for the best Academic poster design submitted by the participants.

Participants are encouraged to share the posters with their colleagues and mobilize them to vote.


Academic poster design:

1.     Everyone can take part in the academic poster design in group4 overseas Master or PhD students.

2.     Please leave a blank space about 5 cm for numbering at the upper left corner of the wall poster.

3.     Please write your school and name in the poster.

4.     Please submit your poster before 22nd May 24:00 to Email: with the name “poster design” and in the Email please write your name,student and major. Thank you!

5.     Your posters will be displayed for voting.

Time:  to be announced, Venue: Hall of Graduate Building

please scan QR code join the poster design wechat group (See attachment 1)


Academic poster design: three first-class prizes, five second-class prizes, twelve third-class prizes, honorary certificates will be awarded to the winners.